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As I Know A Mom continues to focus on “All Things Bump Related” we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet Deena Raphael and talk to her about bumpstyle and the fun line of maternity tops they carry. Bumpstyle’s silky-soft maternity tops are the perfect wrap for a growing bump. Sweet, sexy, fashionable, functional, stylish and comfortable. We love bumpstyle’s modern, comfy tees with a pair of denim or leggings, or even a skirt, if we must. So here’s what Deena had to say about bumpstyle ::

iknowamom ::  How did the idea strike for bumpstyle?

Deena ::  I’m actually the 2nd bumpstyle owner. bumpstyle was first started four years ago by my friend Michaela Cotter Santen when she was pregnant and looking for hip maternity clothes. When she decided to take her career in a new direction, I bought the business from her. I really love the line and saw a lot of potential for the brand so now I’m working to promote bumpstyle and introduce some new styles.

iknowamom ::  How did your education and background help you in starting your business?

Deena ::  I’ve worked in marketing for ten years. My experience in advertising, public relations and communications has given me the understanding to develop a sales and marketing strategy for bumpstyle. My work in the corporate world has given me the confidence to go out and try something new. And I’m a mama of two! I’ve been pregnant and I understand the pregnant woman’s desire to feel comfortable and stylish while her belly grows.

iknowamom ::  In your experience, what has been the most effective way to get the word out about bumpstyle?

Deena ::  Word of mouth! You can’t beat the support that comes from someone who loves the product so much, she tells a friend. Various types of online marketing are also working for me – social networking, online ads, bloggers’ reviews. bumpstyle tops are currently available via our website but I’d love to get into some maternity retailers to give our line more presence.

iknowamom ::  What has been the biggest reward/payoff from having your own business?

Deena ::  The biggest reward is certainly the flexibility I have as my own boss. Juggling work hours with kid activities is challenging, but I’m so lucky that a home office gives me lots of time with my kids while they are still young.

iknowamom ::  What is your favorite way to take a break from the business?

Deena ::  Outside on a sunny day with my kids is bliss.

Thanks Deena! And thanks for giving us some fun choices in clothes when we have our bumps to dress.

bumpstyle is offering I Know A Mom readers an extra 10% discount on new purchases now through the end of September 2010. Just use promo code IKNOWAMOM at checkout. Thanks again Deena!

posted Sept ’10

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