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Maternity Dresses from Shabby Apple

Had a baby recently? Expecting? Remember those last couple months of being pregnant :: When a walk down the street or a visit to the grocery store brought everyone’s eyes straight down to your belly? I’m eight months along, and I look like I could deliver any day now. I’m feeling a little different on my feet these days. (If I could only remember what my feet look like anymore). So when Shabby Apple sent over a maternity dress for review, I was a little worried that even if I loved the dress, I was not going to like it on me. But I couldn’t have been wrong-er!

First of all, the name — “Chocolate Craving” — is a pretty good way to label something for pregnancy. And second, the quality of the dress was obvious when I took it out of the package. But when I slipped it on, I fell in love. Shabby Apple knows how to make maternity! This particular style has a higher waist, and the belly has small pleats that wrapped my bump like a present. It was cut and hemmed perfectly, so that it was the same length in the front as in the back — something not all maternity wear can get right.

I already loved Shabby Apple for their little girls’ dresses, their cute bags and their jewelry, and now I’m thankful to have discovered them for maternity too. Thanks Shabby Apple!

Check out Shabby Apple for some of the cutest lines in women’s dresses and accessories, fun little girl’s dresses and adorable clothes for baby too.


Dresses from Shabby Apple

Little Girls Dresses from Shabby Apple

Little Girls Dresses from Shabby Apple


posted Aug ’10

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