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Whitney Hill of Bel Kai Designs creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind custom jewelry, and her passion for design, beauty and simplicity are evident in the classic, easy wear-ability of her pieces. I’m a big fan of Whitney’s creations and am wearing a necklace with my daughter’s footprint from her first day of life with us right now. It was a “push present” from my husband, who just so happened to have a little hint dropped to him before the big day. This piece is one of my favorites and it’s perfect for a casual day about town. I never have a visit to the park without a friendly comment as to how unique and beautiful it is.

Reply to this post (by clicking on the “COMMENTS” link below GIVEAWAY ::) and tell us if you received a “push present” (or gave one to yourself) when your child was born, and what it was, to enter to win. Winner will receive a gift certificate for $48, the value of a custom designed necklace, from Bel Kai Designs.

Post your comment/entry by midnight, August 15th and the winner will be selected randomly at noon PST on August 16. Don’t forget to leave your contact information (email) along with your comment.
(If the winner does not respond within 48 hours of notification, a new winner will be randomly selected.)

WINNER:: Congratulations mellanhead74. You’ve won the Bel Kai gift certificate. You should receive an email shortly with information on how to claim your prize. Thank you to all who participated in the push present fun. 

i had just recently heard about the phenom of a "push present" now i am on my third and have a lot of catching up to do :)

When I was six months pregnant we went on vacation to New York City. My husband surprised me with a stop at Tiffany's and bought me a black onyx key pendant to commemorate our first child (boy). I wear it everyday!

So I had never heard the term "push present" until reading this. I looked it up. You better believe I will be expecting one when the time comes now! ha ha
deannalw47 @

No push present for me!

Long before push present was coined, my husband bought us both firebird (bird reborn, not the car) charms with necklaces.

His mother had died early in his life and he told me that our baby would have his mother's love & presence through the charms. Because we'd remember her and let her be present with this reminder.

I gave her my necklace when she turned 21. We are saving the other for her first born.

I never received a push present, but it seems like a really great idea. Thanks.

no push for me

The concept of "push present" is really a new one for me too. It's a nice idea, though!

This is the first I have heard of this…I will be looking for mine in a few months!

This is the first I have heard of this…I will be looking for mine in a few months!

When I had my daughter, my husband bought me a heart necklace that has a small heart inside of it:)

I recieved a beautiful bracelet on the birth of our second son. What a surprise that was!


No "push present" for me, but these necklaces sure are pretty! :)

I had three children and recieved a push present for all three. The first one my husband got me a larger wedding band. My second child was a girl so my husband got me a sewing machine so I could sew cute outfits for her. My third child was a girl so he got me another fancier sewing machine because he went cheap the first time. Love my push presents!!

A great idea. Love the necklaces!

This is such a great idea and never heard about it till now.

I’m a few months away from the push present, but I would love to get a necklace with the baby’s name

I never received one nor thought of getting myself one.

I received a push present of conflict free diamond necklace from Canada with the month of my son’s birth stone in the center.

I had never heard of it until now. Seems like a great idea though. I would love it in the future.


I’ve received flowers every time. With one of my daughters, a good friend gave me a bath set to pamper myself. With my son, my sister made me a bracelet with my son’s name on it. I had an emergency c-section with him. My husband went and bought me a portable dvd player and some movies since the tv in the hospital only got a few channels.

I have two girls and did not receive a ‘push present’ with either. This is adorable and I would love it!

No push presents….also didn’t get flowers

I’ve never received a push present or given one.

Well if you count flowers, then I got a ton. But, other than that, no.

No – I did not get a present, well I did get my daughter!

I’ve never gotten a push present.. what an odd name.

I did not get a present.

CONGRATULATIONS JEANNINE M! You are the winner of the Bel Kai gift certificate. Sorry no push present for you…but maybe this will make up for it! :)

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