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The babyplanners :: “we take the labor out of your delivery”. ellie + melissa offer consulting plans to concierge services as you plan for the arrival of your little one – so you can focus on what’s really important. Based in Los Angeles, but will travel.

An Industry-First Business Model for Flexible Employment: Their mission is two-fold: To provide companies direct access to professionals who have opted out of the traditional workplace and to enable professionals to work in their respective fields, while simultaneously meeting familial needs and responsibilities.

Loads of practical knowledge to share on owning an online business. Not to mention smoking hot sites. Get ready to have oodles of experience in web marketing, search engine optimization, usability of your site and more, all at your fingertips.

You are passionate about your business. now you’re ready to show the world just how fabulous you really are, with a look that effectively communicates who you are and attracts your target audience. That’s where Urban Bliss Design comes in, by offering superb identity design + public relations.

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