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Here are some of our mom-author favorites. You can click on the jacket cover to be taken directly to Amazon to get a copy for yourself.

Bump It Up by Amy Tara Koch.
In this witty and accessible pregnancy primer to all four trimesters, career fashionista and mother of two Amy Tara Koch offers easy ways for moms-to-be to pop out of the preggo pits and pull together dozens of jaw-dropping maternity ensembles—without breaking the bank. This timeless style manifesto features sketches from today’s most popular fashion designers, including Nicole Miller, Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, and Isaac Mizrahi, as well as tips and tricks from Koch and her “A-list”—a roster of fashion editors, beauty gurus, and celebrity stylists. Packed full of clever quizzes, skin care secrets, and a handy glossary of terms that every pregnant woman needs to know, Bump It Up will have you putting on the glitz throughout your pregnancy and beyond. 

Robert and Cortney Novogratz, stars of the hit Bravo series 9 BY DESIGN, have been renovating and designing unique and hip homes for families for over ten years. Describing their signature style as a sophisticated but bohemian mix of high and low, new and old, they offer their realistic advice on how to create original, warm interiors with ease.

  Waiting for Baby   Baby of Mine: A Mother's Memory Album for Baby's First Year (Waiting for Baby)

Waiting for Baby by Tracey Clark.  

Baby of Mine: A Mother’s Memory Album for Baby’s First Year (Waiting for Baby) by Tracey Clark.  Waiting for Baby and Baby of Mine are beautifully designed, covered spiral bound guided Motherhood journals for mothers-to-be or new moms. Both feature poignant prompts and room for photos and keepsakes which will make these books treasured heirlooms for any mother. 


The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections  Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures
by Amanda Soule.  The Creative Family embraces a whole new way of living that will engage your children’s imagination, celebrate their achievements, and help you to express love and gratitude for each other as a family.  Handmade Home offers the tools to create a life—and home—full of beauty, integrity, and joy.


Get Lucky: A Novel
Get Lucky: A Novel by Katherine Center.  In her light third novel, Center tackles sisterhood, but falls just short of poignancy. Sarah Harper is on the New York fast track at a top advertising agency until she grows a conscience overnight and sends out a companywide e-mail debunking her popular bra campaign. Fired, she flies home to Houston, where she crashes with her older sister, Mackie, and Mackie’s husband, Clive. Turns out Mackie has problems of her own: after years of trying to have a baby, she announces she’s done. In an effort to do something good for a change, Sarah offers herself up as a surrogate. In the nine pregnant months that follow, Sarah juggles unexpected feelings for her brother-in-law and expected feelings for an ex-boyfriend, and instead of the pregnancy bringing her and Mackie closer, it drives them apart. Witty dialogue and likable characters keep the pages turning, but Center glosses over the depth of emotion inherent in carrying your sister’s baby to the point that you forget at times that Sarah is pregnant. It’s a fun, breezy book, but it doesn’t try to get to the heart of the matter.

Everyone Is Beautiful: A Novel
Everyone Is Beautiful: A Novel by Katherine Center.  When Lanie Coates moves from Houston to Cambridge, Mass., with her musician husband, Peter, she loses her support system and quickly becomes overwhelmed by her three small boys and a self-image that’s sagging both literally and figuratively. In this agreeable mom-lit entry from the author of The Bright Side of Disaster, Lanie, a former painter, finds beauty in everyone but herself, and especially adores Peter, even though the two of them seem to be drifting apart. The early chapters nearly sink beneath the weight of routine housekeeping details and scenes describing the children’s bodily functions and fascination with their body parts, matters most parents have experienced, but which don’t necessarily make for great fiction. However, as Lanie begins to find herself through a newfound passion for photography, the story gains traction, and the tension grows as her photography teacher turns out to be a smitten kitten. Like real-life marriage with children, this book offers enough sparkling moments to compensate for the tedium.  

The Bright Side of Disaster: A Novel
The Bright Side of Disaster: A Novel by Katherine Center.  First-time novelist Center nails ornery and opinionated Texas women in this uneven tale of survival of the hardly fit. “It’s not how you wanted it, but it’s how it is,” jilted and pregnant Jenny Harris is advised by her long-divorced mom. “Much of mothering is that way.” Jenny’s rock and roll wannabe fiancé Dean Murphy ditches her for a woman who died before he had the chance to sleep with her. (“I don’t feel the same about you anymore. It’s not my fault,” he writes in his I’m-outta-here note.) Jenny has little time to nurse the heartbreak; baby Maxie is born the next day, and all Jenny’s plans implode. What pulls Jenny through new mom hell is a network of bright, fearless women who thrive despite the bumbling men around them: Jenny’s feisty mom with the “big Texas personality,” blunt best friend Meredith and single-mom Claudia prove single women needn’t be lonely, pathetic or poor. Yet this gaggle of sharp and funny supergals mostly falls apart when it comes to men. There’s a rogue’s gallery of thinly drawn louts, and from the rabble rises Jenny’s dreamboat neighbor John Gardner, a pediatric nephrologist on sabbatical. Dean, of course, reappears, presenting Jenny with a not-difficult dilemma. Center’s debut is fast-moving and pleasantly diverting, thanks to sharp dialogue and a narrative that’s heavier on the sass than the diaper rash. 

Corinna the Christmas Elf 

Corinna the Christmas Elf has special toy-making skills. Santa, who admires her work very much, has just promoted Corinna to Senior Elf Factory Manager in his workshop. But one very cold Friday when a dangerous storm threatens the workshop, Santa’s elves fear they won’t be able to meet their December deadline. This could be a disaster, and some children around the world may not get their Christmas toys from Santa. Will Corinna be able to fix the problem? Join author Suzanne Sumner Ferry as she takes readers young and old on a sleigh ride through Santa’s workshop.


True Mom Confessions: Real Moms Get Real
True Mom Confessions: Real Moms Get Real.  by Romi Lassally.  Heartfelt and hilarious, naughty and nasty, frank and outrageous, the confessions culled together for this book represent the best-or the worst?-of those humbling hidden secrets of motherhood in all its glorious messiness as improvisation and triage. They dare to suggest that it’s okay for moms to make mistakes, to have unkind thoughts, to publicly or privately embarrass themselves-and above all to be human.


I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids: Reinventing Modern Motherhood
I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids: Reinventing Modern Motherhood.  By Trisha Ashworth & Amy Nobile.  Fresh from the front lines of modern motherhood comes a book that uncovers the guilty secrets of moms today . . . in their own words. I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids diagnoses the craziness and offers real solutions, so that mothers can step out of the madness and learn to love motherhood as much as they love their kids.

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