Puj :: Baby Bath Tub Review
I’m not a gadgety person when it comes to babies: for our first, we had nary a swing, bottle, nor crib. Now that I’m a few months away from the arrival of #2, I’m already fully engaged in the idea of some of these conveniences! Let’s face it – they’re just that: convenient. I think part of my/our opposition to baby “stuff” was the look – in our pre-baby days we could hardly tolerate those homes stuff with every plastic, ringing, singing, dancing toy ever created by Walmart. Sure, there’s a lot of stylish baby stuff out there – but mostly it was well out of our price range. Furthermore, in our tiny little apartment there simply wasn’t the space to store all of that stuff. So, we did without (and survived, notably).  

Enter the Puj Tub. (Okay, enter anything created by Puj, but for the sake of this review, just the tub.) This baby is sleek, simple, stylish, affordable, and hides behind your bathroom door at no more than 1/4″ in depth. Score! But how does it hold up as a tub? Well, I’ve still got about 14 weeks until I can find out for myself (or 16 weeks if things go like they did last time…). So I snagged my friend Heather and her chubby 8-week old and watched them give it a go. 

Here’s what Heather loved about the tub:
  • It was lightweight and opens to flat for easy storage. 
  • Fit in her teeny tiny bathroom sink. (Even I was shocked at this; I thought we had found the exception, but no.)
  • Was a nice soft surface for Jude’s head, as compared to those hard, plastic, molded tubs. 
  • Allowed her to work at a comfortable height, not leaning over the bathtub as she usually does. 
What Heather was not to keen on:
  • The material – it is very similar in texture to styrofoam, and even squeaks like it. This totally grossed her out. HOWEVER, I was thrilled to look into it a little further when I got home and discover that this material is PVC and BPA-free! Very important, very cool.
  • The holes on the bottom and side of the tub kept the water at a very low level (especially the hole at the bottom where the 2 sides meet in the middle.) Understandably, this is a safety feature of the tub to prevent the water level from becoming too high. However, in this case it meant she could barely even get to the water to use it to bathe the baby.
  • The size limitations – the box indicates the tub is for use for babies 0-6 months. However, it would be more fitting if a length were indicated. After all, some 6-month olds are the size of 1 year olds! (Weight is not so much of an issue because the tub can handle the weight as it is supported by the sink. Length would be the determining factor because the baby will simply not fit.) Heather was dismayed to notice that even at 8 weeks, Jude had basically outgrown the tub; his head was at the very top of rim. Granted, he’s a hefty guy. But, she would have been very disappointed if this were an item she had purchased and only got a little over 8 weeks use out of. 
Bottom line:
           This is a fantastic, well-designed product that really one-ups those nasty old plastic baby tubs. However, as with most baby items, its life span is limited. Babies grow, which is the dismaying and yet redeeming thing about them. 

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