gift hero to the rescue
I am a BIG fan of companies that exist to make my life a little easier as a mama. I can’t count the number of times I have stood in the aisles of Target five minutes AFTER a birthday party starts, looking for the perfect birthday gift. I’ve heard the idea of having a “gift closet” but have never gotten around to such a concept. And, if the child isn’t my son’s age, I usually don’t have any clue of what he/she will like. Gift Hero solves so many of these problems. They have done the research for you – they know what kids like – you can shop by age and gender. And, I LOVE that you can select gifts under $20. I find myself attending about 38 birthday parties in the month of October, so I can’t spend a lot on each gift. :) And, the gift comes in the coolest bag (shown above) that you can use as wrapping and re-use. Kids love bags – it’s like a gift within a gift!

Interesting. I agree if the child is not the into the same as mine then I too am clueless. I’ll have to check this place out. Thanks for the info.

sounds like a great idea. I just tried to put in an order (birthday party coming up!). but got half way through before I realized they don't ship to Canada. Too bad. That's 33 million potential customers!!

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