tess & tallulah
I have come to the realization that my kiddos have much nicer things than my husband and I…I suppose that is the natural progression of things. Our wedding gifts are now almost 10 years old, so it makes sense that some of our things have seen better days. Our children are “newer”, after all. :) Case in point :: I just received the most luxurious towel from Tess & Tallulah for baby on the way. Not only is the towel super plush, it is so adorable — it is one of those products that I want to just display on a shelf, not actually use, which I realize is very silly. The towel is in a mod fabric I happened to see on a recent episode of Brothers & Sisters (love that show!) and thought to myself “I need something in that pattern” because I loved it so much. It is the Jack pattern shown here. The dresses and changing mattes come in a variety of modern and colorful fabrics, too. Lucky kiddos…

Those towels are super cute and the patterns are so yummy! What a great find! (And I love Brothers & Sisters too!)

I’m lovin’ the towels!!

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