Blankie Keeper

There comes a time in a toddlers’ life when it’s not so cute anymore to be dragging around a tattered and worn blankie. Then what? Try a Blankie Keeper! Mompreneur Leslie Smith came up with the idea for a keeper out of “desperate necessity”.Blankie Keepers come in three different sizes and many different fabrics. I’m actually using one for MY old blanket. My son recently uncovered my favorite blanket from childhood in his closet and started sleeping with it, but since it is 20+ years old, it starting falling apart. So, to keep it from disintegrating before my eyes, it is now encased in a Blankie Keeper as a keepsake for years to come. Thank you Leslie!

“My daughter was nowhere near ready to let go or get rid of her blanket when it literally began to shred in the wash. I stitched it several times but for every seam I made, a new rip materialized. I finally convinced her to put it in a little pillowcase and leave it alone. Four years later it is still her number one cuddly bedmate.” – Leslie

I need about four of these–one for each child! My kids love their blankets and they’re falling apart!

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