Countdown Boxes from Norwood Arts
I’m going to let you in on a little secret…the cutest baby shower gift from Norwood Arts. Do you remember how excited you were as a child when you were tearing off a link from the advent chain or opening a door on your advent calendar, counting down the days until Christmas?! Owner, Sara Norwood, had the ingenious idea to create countdown boxes until your baby’s due date. Not only is it a fun way to commemorate your little one’s arrival, it gives you a little something extra to do when all you want is that baby on the outside! She also offers countdown boxes for siblings. Because they get antsy, too. :)Go ahead and steal the idea – just don’t be surprised when everyone is talking about what a great gift you gave. :)

My Mom sent a countdown box because we live in different states and she wanted to do something special for my son’s 13th birthday.

Every night after dinner I’d take it down from the top of the fridge and it was a fun moment.

We “all” enjoyed it so much, that I packed the boxes back up in the large box and kept it for another special birthday. So far it’s been enjoyed for his 16th, and his other brother’s 18th. Looking forward to his 18th next year.

I’m not only recommending you use this countdown box opportunity for your own use (and potential reuse) BUT consider it for ALL your out of town, out of state special occassions that you can not physically be at. Norwoodarts is so accomodating; Sara will probably send it to the person instead of sending it to you to resend to them. I love them for baby or bridal showers (to hold for 10 days prior to wedding-talk about suspense!) I would even be cool for a pre-retirement gift.

I’ve also been very pleased at the personal photo announcements that Norwoodarts made for 2 of my sons graduations-one high school, one college.

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