Truly Mom
While I have only recently met the women of Truly Mom, I am impressed by their professionalism and genuineness. They were delighted to be featured on our site and have been in contact with me several times – even sending me a launching gift! {thank you, Truly Mom}. Spring is a perfect time to get organized!

Sounds great :)

love it love love it!!! Who doesn’t want to be more organized.

Love this organizer! And in green too — one of my favorites.

I am very disorganized! I definitely need something like this.

I definitely could use something like that! Practical and cute!

Green is my color! Please enter me in this giveaway. Thank you!

I could definately use more organization…. who couldn’t?

This looks perfect! I can’t wait to check out the website. I so need something like this made with moms in mind!

Okay, I know your only supposed to post once but I just breezed through the site and I totally love the way the planner is laid out and especially the mom to do list clearly mapped by a mom including a don’t forget section – I so need that! Thanks for sharing (hope this doesn’t disqualify me)

So cute! Love that everything is in one place…I so need this. jkolsubs (at) gmail (dot) com

Help! I am an avid list maker who is so terribly disorganized I can’t find where I put them. Love the colors…simply superb!

Very cute. And if it helps keep me organized, even better!

Very cool idea! I love a planner just for moms. Most of the planners are so lame and boring.

I would love to win that!!! Just what I need to stay organized and stress free- nancy

thanks for the terrific “write up” Whitney! We have been smiling all day long! maria

Just what I need!

I love organization.

Hi, I just checked out their entire site! I am impressed. Their line of various coverings for the planners are fantastic. Their stationary and cards are reasonably prices and the little cards in the box are adorable. Thanks for introducing me to their line of goodies. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

This sounds like JUST what this scatterbrained Mommy needs! Thanks for introducing me!

What an adorable item to help me try and get organized!

how did i not know about this co??? I NEED this planner. Really. I’m between and desperate for a new way to organize. Something’s got to work, right?

Thanks for the great interview. It really did inspire me. Not to mention- get me excited about the time i’ll have to pour into my dream when i have all the kids in school :)

love it & am so inspored by the interview! These are so cute and feminine unlike most other planners out there I see

Lovely organizer. Please enter me.

Mary_Freebies == internationalfreebies AT gmail DOT com

Organization is just what the dr ordered for this crazy house! :)

Very inspirational Whitney. Thanks for the interviews – keep them coming!

If you ask my husband, my middle name is organized. Although with trying to start a business, working another full time job and being a wife and mother of two busy pre-teens, I feel in a state of turmoil and disorganization all the time.

Having that lovely organizational tool would be awesome and when I’m having a less than organized day, it would be so pretty to see sitting on my desk on top of the pile of stuff!

Just love the planner and all the unique products at Truly Mom would love to have something like this to organize my life!!

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